Weekend Drink Special

Get 50% off your first beer, house wine, house sake, or flavorful cocktail. Friday and Saturday, 5pm until close.

Happy Hour

Monday through Friday, 5pm to 7pm!

Get $1.00 off all beer, glass wine, house sake, and sushi rolls!

Kompai! (Cheers!)

Monday Night Specials

All‑night, Monday night! 5:00pm until close!

Sushi – $1.50 a piece!
  • Tuna (maguro)
  • Yellowtail (hamachi)
  • Red Snapper (tai)
  • Salmon (sake)
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Mackerel (saba)
  • White Tuna
  • Shrimp (ebi)
  • Octopus (tako)
  • Squid (ika)
  • Egg (tamago)
  • Smelt Roe (masago)
  • Crab Stick (kanikama)
  • Crab Salad*
Two Rolls for $13.95 – two of the same, or mix‑and‑match!

* = Monday Night exclusives!